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The Fredric Rieders Family Foundation offers many programs to educate and train current and future forensic science professionals at all stages in their careers. The Foundation, through the Forensic Sciences Mentoring Institute, uses its forensic science programs and resources as a means to motivate and educate young people and their teachers, with a specific focus on providing support to students who are demographically under-represented in the sciences, or who have challenging financial circumstances.

Our founder, Dr. Fredric Rieders, sought to share his philosophy that knowledge is the fundamental tool required to solve any of life’s problems. A non-profit organization devoted to promoting education in the scientific field, the Foundation provides an academic and stimulating environment and offers students access to experts in various fields who act as mentors, role models and educators. Every year, through the dedication and hard work of the Foundation staff and faculty, new graduates, high school students and practicing forensic scientists, graduate from our programs with a wealth of knowledge, experience and perspectives that prepare them for the challenges of life and careers both inside and outside forensic science.

About Our Founder

Dr. Fredric Rieders established a non-profit foundation that fostered the love for science and art in students young and old.



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FMI Lecture Series

Each Thursday of the G. John DiGregorio Summer Program, a special speaker is brought in to talk to the students about real-life applications of his or her skills set in forensic science. Our first speaker was Sally Tokarz, a Forensic Chemist working at NMS Labs in the Crime Lab. Sally’s lecture was on forensic drug chemistry. She talked about the evidence they receive at […]

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