The Fredric Rieders Family Foundation offers programs to educate and train current and future forensic science professionals in all stages of their careers.

Our Programs

At the Forensic Sciences Mentoring Institute (FMI), a program of the Fredric Rieders Family Foundation, high school students spend seven weeks investigating and solving a crime using actual forensic techniques and instrumentation. Founded in 1994, Students in the FMI Summer Science Program will learn through interactive, hands-on experiences using the same state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques used in the world’s top forensic laboratories.

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In alignment with the FRFF vision, forensic science leaders and mentors at CFSRE provide training, education and research that advances the capability, acceptance, and integrity of forensic science as it informs public health and public safety missions. We embrace the development and growth of enthusiastic, inquisitive, and committed thought-leaders through living and modeling the honor, privilege, and excitement of working in forensic science.

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